Moen Takes Home Best of KBIS Award!

Moen announces that Flo by Moen took home the Best of KBIS Smart Home Technology award at KBIS 2019.  They said it’s an honor to be recognized by the best in the Kitchen & Bath industry.  This innovative partnership with Flo Technologies debuted in January with the goal of helping home owners conserve water and to prevent their homes of water damage. This all-in-one security system for home water is backed by many years of product research and development and will detect and stop leaks.  Flo is basically a motorized valve installed on the main water supply line coming into a home.  The device monitors all water going into the home enabling detection of problems such as leaks, burst pipes and more. A smartphone app is the command central where you can receive alerts, turn your water on and off, view water consumption and even contact your plumber as needed.  According to Moen’s water census, 40% of homeowners will suffer from water damage and 17 gallons are lost due to leaks everyday in a typical home.  Many reviews have already described this first-of-its-kind water supply control system to be extremely cost saving for home owners.  Reviews also indicate installation is fairly simple if the homeowner is comfortable cutting a pipe, however Moen recommends professional installation.  


Congratulations to Moen on this partnership and the KBIS award.  Carolina Plumbing Supply looks forward to another year of providing award winning Moen products and solutions to our customers.  If you are interested in learning more about cost saving or smart technologies for your home, please contact one of our representatives. For additional information on Flo by Moen, check out the following Supply House Times article.

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